DMCA takedown notice

If you believe someone is using your copyrighted content in an unauthorized way on a LuzFaltex Project, please fill out the form below to submit a DMCA takedown notice to request that the content be changed or removed. Before you begin, please read LuzFaltex's DMCA Takedown Policy.

In order to prevent unnecessary processing delays, please note the following before submitting your notice:

  • Don't send duplicate notices.
  • If you believe multiple files or posts are infringing in the same copyrighted content, include links to those files or repositories in a single notice instead of sending multiple notices.
  • Only one point of contact from your organization should submit the notice.
  • Our DMCA takedown process is intended only for copyrighted content. If the content you're reporting is in violation of our terms of service, please use the abuse form. If the content violates a trademark you own, please review our Trademark Policy.

If you have attachements or would prefer to send your notice via email or snail mail, please follow these instructions for manually submitting your complaint.