LuzFaltex is always seeking to support small groups expand and grow, and these groups are no exception. These groups have joined the LuzFaltex family with an effort to create collaborative and creative communities. Some are owned by LuzFaltex, such as Fall of the Citadel, and others are independently owned. While we are not accepting new family members at this time, we are actively working to develop a system to allow new communities to join us, so stay tuned!


Fall of the Citadel is a project owned by LuzFaltex. It is a minecraft-based roleplay server featuring a unique backstory, a healthy amount of science, and player-submitted lore.


  • Land Ownership
  • Factions
  • Custom player races
  • Original though frighteningly realistic apocalypse scenario
  • Player-run economy
  • Custom server plugins and extended block sets.

Vaelrius Roleplay

Art and Fluff

Angelic Were-Dragons

The Angelic Were-Dragons are a species owned by FlamesVoices. They are a closed species which exists within her universe.

Zooma's Wonder Emporium

Zooma's Wonder Emporium is a site featuring high quality fursuit commissions. If you need a repair, an accessory, or a suit, this is the place to go! See her sales page for more details.