Looking for the Fall of the Citadel roleplay server? It's available here: https://www.FallOfTheCitadel.com

Hey! Just a heads up, but we're still under construction. Expect plenty of filler content and for some things to not work. However, feel free to check out our forum or contact us in the mean time.

Welcome to LuzFaltex!

Software Development, Hosting, Community Management

LuzFaltex is a volunteer-driven company dedicated to the values of open internet, free (as in freedom) software, and net neutrality. We specialize in community management, web hosting, and software development.

About LuzFaltex

LuzFaltex, pronounced as looz-fall-tex, is a company which was founded in 2014 to operate as a management entity for the Fall of the Citadel minecraft roleplay server. We later applied our experience in community management to a broader spectrum, providing web hosting and support to smaller communities.


Privacy is something we take very seriously across all of our member sites. We will never sell your information and we will never give it out without your explicit permission except as compelled by law. And say goodbye to tracking ads! If we show you an ad, it will be one which respects privacy.

Open Source

Our communty and culture, both internal and external, are structured upon the idea that every contribution can lead to a positive change.

We just have one rule: Be Bold.


We support and empower communities by providing services such as Moderation, training, and site hosting. While many of our communities are startups, all of our communities support a free (as in freedom) internet, respect for privacy, and creativity and contribution.