Sudo, LuzFaltex's mascot, is a character owned by LuzFaltex's owner, Foxtrek_64. He is an Angelic Were-Dragon, a species under the ownership and copyright of FlamesVoices Studios.

If you'd like to make use of the above logo for your projects, please respect the following rules:


  • Use Sudo to link to LuzFaltex or any of its projects.
  • Use Sudo to advertise that your project is run in partnership with LuzFaltex.
  • Use Sudo in a blog post or news article about LuzFaltex or its projects.


  • Use Sudo for or in the logo of your project.
  • Create a modified version of Sudo. (Really, don't. You'll be in trouble with two companies).
  • Integrate Sudo into your own logo.
  • Use any LuzFaltex artwork without permission.
  • Sell any LuzFaltex artwork without permission.
  • Change the colors, dimensions, or add your own text/images.

Please contact us

  • If you want to use artwork not included in this repository.
  • If you want to use these images in a video/mainstream media.

Naming projects and products

Please avoid naming your projects anything that implies LuzFaltex's endorsement. This also applies to domain names.


In short, Sudo should represent only LuzFaltex and should not be used to represent your products.

LuzFaltex and Sudo are owned and trademarked by LuzFaltex in the United States of America.

Sudo's character is the exclusive property of LuzFaltex. LuzFaltex has been granted license for the use of the design. All rights reserved with their respective parties.

No adaption or use of any kind of any of our registered trademarks or copyrights, or any other contents of this website, is allowed without express written permission of LuzFaltex.

For more information regarding the authorized uses of these items, please contact us. For more information on the Angelic Were-Dragon species, please contact FlamesVoices at

Other logos

The images below follow the same rules as above, just swap out "Sudo" with the name of the image (visible if you let your mouse hover on the image).

"LF" Logo
Sudo Round Icon